Sculpture, Clay and Junk: 3 D Art

3 Dimensional Art is a graded course where students are evaluated on work habits, creativity, and overall effort. This 12 week course will have students explore many different types of painting, and go in depth with control and skill building strategies with these materials. Students will have the opportunity to find areas of 3 Dimensional Art that are interesting to them, and also try other materials that they may have little experience.
The students’ responsibilities are as follows:
  • Be on time for class. If it is a work day, students can start getting their materials. Check with the teacher before you start your projects (Always check the board).
  • Turn in work on time, labeling it with your name, date, and title of work (late work will have points deducted).
  • Be aware of constructive criticism. There will be some group evaluations, and it is up to YOU to use your ideas to help the artist, not hurt them.
  • Always do your best. I will not tolerate art that is poor quality. It is up to YOU to put all of your effort into these projects. Points will be deducted for sloppy work.
  • Sketchbooks should also be used for project sketches. A good artist ALWAYS plans before they create! Your sketches will be part of your final grade, and it is wise to remember to label your sketch with the date and project title.
  • Art is fun, and have a good time with it! It is okay to have meaningful conversations while you are working on your projects, but NOT when the teacher is giving instructions, background, and demonstrations! Disrespectful behavior will be handled in JR High/High School standards. In other words, just because you are in art, does NOT give you the right to act out!

The projects are split into 3 main categories: Wire and plaster sculpture, Clay, and Recycled Art. Each project will have a research day in which students work together to find good resources, facts, and websites. Students will become experts in the backgrounds and materials as they are creating their projects. Final Presentations will be chosen based on this information! There is a chance we will present one of the units, but possibly all three!

Each project will run about 5-7 class periods (work times may be adjusted according to the teachers observation). Students will participate in a self-evaluation of their work, a class evaluation (where noted), and a final evaluation from the teacher.
Your potential projects will be as follows (time permitted):

Wire and Plaster Sculpture
Wire sculpture: Using all wire, create a subject such as an animal, object, or person. This subject must be recognizable!

Contemporary Sculpture: Students will discuss what contemporary sculpture means, and create their own sculpture using wire, plaster, and paint.DCP_3588.JPG

Abstract Sculpture:
Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.39.04 AM.pngScreen Shot 2015-02-12 at 10.39.41 AM.png
Action Figure: Create a person using movement out of wire, paper mache, and paint. This person must show some sort of recognizable movement (self evaluation)!greekdiscus.jpg

Carving a Free Form Sculpture: This project has you pour your own plaster block and carve out of it after it has set. Students will
  • come up with a 3D sculpture idea,
  • pour their plaster into a small-large cardboard container. and wait for it to set up (2-3 days)
  • Sketch their sculpture idea onto their brick on all sides.
  • Carve out using the tools provided.

Clay Unit:


Clay Creations: Create your own creature. This creature can be fantasy, cartoon-like, or a possibility of being real (Duck-Billed Platypus, Jackalope). Build this creature from clay. This creature must be 3 Dimensional, and at least 6 inches in height. Acrylic paint will finalize these projects (self evaluation). Creativity is a must!!!

Ceramics: Create a coil pot, slab pot, pinch pot, and press mold pot using the techniques demonstrated. Be creative! Clay Glossary:
Wheel Pottery: Learn to use the wheel! Learn centering, shaping, and molding of a clay vessel on the wheel.

Clay Quiz

Step-by-step basic clay building:
Clay videos:
Wedging Clay:
Coil Pot:
Slab pot:
Pinch pot:

Recycled Art
Recycled Sculpture: Recreate a functional or aesthetically beautiful project (examples) out of recyclable objects! Materials will be cans, cardboard boxes, milk jugs, glass jars. Ms. Shaw will bring in materials, or feel free to bring your own!
Junk sculpture: Go hunting for treasure! Find left over junk out of the garage, janitor’s closet, or anywhere! Build some sort of contemporary sculpture that has a new creative twist on this old junk!
Duct Tape Attire: Using your creative nature, create some sort of functional object out of Duct Tape. This can be clothing, an item that you would carry with you, or something that is used on a daily basis. This item needs to be completely made out of duct tape and scrap objects! No using the same object and putting duct tape over it (class evaluation)!
duct tape.jpg
Papermaking: Using a molding by pressing or casting by pressing, and create your own paper sculpture. Paint and mount onto a background or base, paint, and present (Class evaluation).