7th Grade Art
Seventh grade art is a graded course where students are evaluated on work habits, creativity, and overall effort. This 6 week course will have students explore many different mediums and their backgrounds. Students will have the opportunity to find areas of art that are interesting to them, and also try other materials that they may have little experience.
The students’ responsibilities are as follows:
  • Be on time for class. If it is a work day, students can start getting their materials. Check with the teacher before you start your projects (Always check the board).
  • Turn in work on time, labeling it with your name, date, and title of work (late work will have points deducted).
  • Be aware of constructive criticism. There will be some group evaluations, and it is up to YOU to use your ideas to help the artist, not hurt them.
  • Always do your best. I will not tolerate art that is of poor quality. It is up to YOU to put all of your effort into these projects. Points will be deducted for sloppy work.
  • There will be weekly sketchbook assignments (see bottom of page for assignments). These need to be turned in on Friday to be graded over the weekend. These sketchbooks should have the required assignments labeled and dated. Sketchbooks should also be used for project sketches. A good artist ALWAYS plans before they create! Points will be deducted for late sketchbooks.
  • Art is fun, and have a good time with it! It is okay to have meaningful conversations while you are working on your projects, but NOT when the teacher is giving instructions, background, and demonstrations! Disrespectful behavior will be handled in JR High standards (read handbook). In other words, just because you are in art, does NOT give you the right to act out!

You will be working in many different mediums. Each project will run about 5-7 class periods (work times may be adjusted according to the teachers observation). Students will participate in a self-evaluation of their work, a class evaluation (where noted), and a final evaluation from the teacher.
Your projects will be as follows:
  1. Design your sketchbook (Video and physical examples provided). The student will be required to design a cover that represents you as a 7th grade artist. You can use different mediums such as magazines, pencils, markers, different types of paper, glitter, etc. Make sure your name is on the inside cover. You will receive a list of sketchbook assignments to attach on the inside cover.DCP_3516.JPG
  2. 1 Point Perspective. The students will get background on the idea of a one point perspective, and see examples of works of art. The student will create a city/ town scene using their knowledge of 1 perspective. Materials: pencil/colored pencils. *Remember to go onto the perspective websites for the step by step instructions! There are more on the fun websites page of this WIKIGian's 1 point.jpg
  3. Clay Boxes : (Clay Box Lesson)The students will be creating a slab box out of clay with a twist... they are not allowed to make a square/ rectangle shaped box! The student will have to be creative and think of other shapes! The box will need to have a lid. After being fired in the kiln, the students will need to create an interesting design using glaze. Clay Glossary:Photo_14.jpg
Step-by-step basic clay building:
Clay videos:
Wedging Clay:
Coil Pot:
Slab pot:
Pinch pot:
  1. Musical Art (Presentation in class). Students will talk about their favorite types of music. The students will receive background on art and music as they are shown in great works of art. The students will create their favorite music by using different types of paper and any other materials suited for this project. If appropriate, students will be allowed to play their song as they are presenting their project for group critique. Materials: Tissue paper, construction paper, etc.Photo_9.jpg
  2. Black and White Contrast with subject. The class will discuss contrast and repetition. The students will be asked to choose a subject, such as a person, animal, object, etc. The students will draw their subject with few details, and trace with a black marker. The students will then hash their drawings with many lines, and use the checkerboard pattern technique to give their picture a black and white contrast. Materials: Pencils, sharpies, black paint, white-out.DCP_3256.JPG
  3. Paper Mache masks. The students will receive historical information about masks in many cultures, and how they represent their rituals and daily activity. The students will be creating a mask that represents a ritual (birthday, family reunion, holiday, etc.) that happens in their own family/town. The mask must have at least one paragraph attached to the back to explain the mask. Students will present as a group critique. Materials: Tag board, paper Mache (sta flo liquid starch), acrylic paint. See Examples: Steps for Mask Building:

7th Grade Art Survey

End of Hex Survey

Sketchbook Assignments

  1. Visual Pun: Think of words or phrases that have two meanings (carpool, flowerbed, etc.). Draw the funnier versions. Add color and detail.
  2. Art Parody: A parody is a humorous imitation of something funny. Choose a famous work of art and draw your own funny version.
  3. Picassoism: Imagine what things would look like if you “looked through Picasso’s glasses”. Think about how Picasso changes a realistic image into an abstract one. Show a picture of a realistic scene/ subject. Draw it “Picasso Style”.
  4. Archaeological Discovery: Art is laced with interesting artifacts from the past. If you were to discover something from the past, what would you like it to be? Would it be jewelry, mummies, treasure chests, animal bones, or something completely fantasy? Draw your discovery.
  5. Maze: A maze can look like a design or a picture. Make up your own maze but make it a work of art! Use color or lots of light/dark contrast to make it interesting to look at.
  6. One point perspective name: Use your knowledge of one point perspective, and draw your first name in block letters. Make them disappear to the vanishing point. Use color to make it bright!