Design is a graded course where students are evaluated on work habits, creativity, and overall effort. This 12 week course will have students explore many different types of design, including architecture, commercial design, interior and fashion design, and computer graphics. Students will have the opportunity to find areas of design that are interesting to them, and also explore new and fun ideas and topics!
The students’ responsibilities are as follows:
  • Be on time for class. If it is a work day, students can start getting their materials. Check with the teacher before you start your projects (Always check the board).
  • Turn in work on time, labeling it with your name, date, and title of work (late work will have points deducted).
  • Be aware of constructive criticism. There will be some group evaluations, and it is up to YOU to use your ideas to help the artist, not hurt them.
  • Always do your best. I will not tolerate art that is poor quality. It is up to YOU to put all of your effort into these projects. Points will be deducted for sloppy work.
  • Sketchbooks should also be used for project sketches. A good artist ALWAYS plans before they create! Your sketches will be part of your final grade, and it is wise to remember to label your sketch with the date and title.
  • There is a large design project due during the last week of this 12 week trimester. You will have the information needed to start this assignment the first week of class, and it is up to YOU to do your work outside of class! This is a part of your final grade!
  • Art is fun, and have a good time with it! It is okay to have meaningful conversations while you are working on your projects, but NOT when the teacher is giving instructions, background, and demonstrations! Disrespectful behavior will be handled in JR High/High School standards. In other words, just because you are in art, does NOT give you the right to act out!
You will be working in many different mediums. Each project will run about 7-10 class periods (work times may be adjusted according to the teachers observation). Students will participate in a self-evaluation of their work, a class evaluation (where noted), and a final evaluation from the teacher.
Your projects will be as follows:
  1. Design your sketchbook (Video and Physical examples provided). The student will be required to design a cover that represents you as an artist. You can use different mediums such as magazines, pencils, markers, different types of paper, glitter, etc. Make sure your name is in the inside cover.DCP_3516.JPG
  2. Design class bulletin board: . This is a collaborative project where all students use their knowledge of the elements of design to organize their art class bulletin board. The students will use group ideas and different materials from the room. Unity and balance will be the main elements.bulletin.jpg
  3. Design your logo. The student will be required to design a personal logo that represents you as an artist. The student will take in the history and elements of design, as well as some basic knowledge of commercial advertising. There will be a group critique along with this project. The students may use a variety of materials in order to make their logos aesthetically pleasing. Materials, paper, markers, paint, India ink, etc.logos.jpg
  4. Architecture: The students will take their logos and think of a type of business/store that they would like their logo to represent. The students will explore several types of businesses with their logos and mottos. The students will make a blueprint of their building, and build a model out of cardboard and other materials available. Group critique.architecture.jpg
  5. Design a new magazine cover: Students will bring in their favorite magazine (if appropriate). The students will discuss the aesthetic value of good cover art in a well known magazine. The students will redesign a cover using a variety of other magazines, drawings, and materials available.magazine.png
  6. Graphic Design: Students will discuss collage techniques and review several by student and famous artists (Google collage). The student will design a graphic collage composed of ideas based on their personalities and creative world. The student will use new programs from the mac for templates. The main elements will be balance, rhythm, and unity.Collage 2.jpg
  7. World Graphic Collage:(The students can choose whether they would like to use the computer or not for this project!) Using the knowledge of the new mac programs, students will create a collage that has something to do with a world issue. The students have many aspects to choose from, and it will be the students job to express this/ these issues in a creative way. Pages has excellent layout ideas, as well as blank canvases for you to use!Abroad-Collage.jpg
  8. Redesign a Functional Object or Furniture using Recycled Materials (Teacher will present): The students will look at a presentation, and google several examples of junk sculptures, functional sculptures, etc. The students will create a functional (unless it's electronic, it just needs to look like the object) object out of recycled materials, paper mache, paint, wire, found objects, etc.recycledart.jpg
  9. Fashion design using non fabric materials: The students will discuss the latest fashion and what are the trends of the past. The students will look at contemporary fashion and see many examples of different materials used (Google fashion design and research different aspects). The student will design an article of clothing, but will have to create it in non fabric materials. The students can brainstorm different types of materials to
  10. Interior Design: The students will do Google research and learn about the elements that go into interior design, including the elements, materials, cost, etc. Choose a room from any building, where it is a house, a business, a restaurant, etc. The student will redesign this room using their creative eye, making it more enjoyable, exciting, and a better place to be. Try and use some place that people may know, and it will be good to use a before and after aspect approach. This can be a 3 dimensional model, a drawing, painting, etc.interior.jpg
  11. Create a poster for a fictional upcoming event! Use the Pages program for templates! Think of some sort of event that you would like to happen in Sigourney, where if it's a concert, party, sport, dance, etc. Create a poster using words and pictures! Make sure your poster has balance and unity!poster.jpg

Elements and Principles of Design
Another site for Principles and Elements
Final Project
This will be due the last week of the Trimester!

Redesign the Sigourney Welcome Sign.
The necessity of an interesting welcome sign is a great sign of a brilliant community! Your job is to analyze, discuss, sketch, and create a new sign for the town of Sigourney. The new sign will need to incorporate what this town has to offer, as well as an aesthetically pleasing look that will be welcoming to all newcomers as well as locals.
Your design does not necessarily have to be hand drawn. Remember that commercial artists use other ideas to gain their designs. But, it has to be a non copyrighted idea. You can use the internet, magazines, and other materials for ideas and final designs. You will receive this information the first week of class, and you will have until the last week of the trimester to complete it! Do not say it was not brought to your attention!
Good Luck!!!!!