Further Education in Art!

So, you love art class and wish there was some career that you could create all the time! Here are many options that would get you out into the world of being an artist in many different ways!

http://www.design.iastate.edu/ : College of Design at Iowa State in Ames, Iowa. Awesome!
http://www.uni.edu/artdept/Home.html : College of the Arts in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Very Nice...
http://www.artinstitutes.edu/ Programs in the areas of graphic design, web design, culinary arts, fashion design, game design, and much more.
Art Schools Directory : A basic directory for Art Schools
http://www.artinstitutes.edu/denver/ : Very Popular Art Institute in Denver, Colorado!
http://www.saic.edu / : School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
http://www.scad.edu/ : Art School in Savannah, Georgia.
http://www.allartschools.com/ : This has a good way to locate an art school near you!
http://www.madisonmedia.edu/financial-aid : Film and Media School in Madison, Wisconsin
http://www.artschoolsdigital.com/art_school_review_city/milwaukee_art_schools.php : Art School in Milwaukee!
http://www.kcai.edu/ : Kansas City, Missouri Art School! Yeah!
http://www.artsmia.org/ : Art Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cool.
http://www.ihcc.cc.ia.us/ : Culinary Arts and Associate Degrees can be earned here, as well as many more programs!
http://www.kirkwood.edu/ : Also a god college for culinary arts, associate degrees, interior design degrees, etc.....