Independent Art Studio

This is a 12 week graded art course where you explore your inner artistic talents and focus on your main interests in art. When you come into this class you may have a specific medium in art you have always liked to work with, or something you have wanted to try. If it is in the Sigourney Districts power, you will be allowed to build your skills and develop a possible career choice based on your skill levels and talents.
Possible job choices in an art career are things such as an architect, fashion designer, graphic designer, photo journalism, teacher, interior design, ceramicist, comic book/ book illustrator, etc.
Everything has art involved, and during this 12 week course, you will build your favorite mediums toward a possible career! You will be responsible for organizing your projects. The teacher’s role will be to help you build your skills and help to learn background of your ideas. The teacher will also help you to develop ideas through discussion and ideas based on your work.

* You need to have 8 projects done in your 12 week Trimester! You are required to self evaluate every project. You need to be mainly working on these projects in class so I can help you improve your art skills, or give you advice in the right direction.
*Get off your computers! This is not a video watching, game playing study hall! It's okay for you to use this time every once in a while for school work, as long as you are on a steady pace for your projects!!!
* you will receive a participation grade. Do not waste your your time in here, or your grade will reflect upon it.

* Choices for projects: See Independent art page for project ideas. I also accept presentations about art movements, artists, and art related fields, and cleaning projects!

*Here are the 2 quizzes you need to take while you are in independent art. You need to take these the first week of class. It is okay to use your research techniques to help you during these quizzes!*
Principles of Design Quiz

The Elements of Art Quiz

Your responsibilities are as follows:
  • Be on time for class. If it is a work day, students can start getting their materials. Check with the teacher before you start your projects (Always check the board).
  • Turn in work on time, labeling it with your name, date, and title of work. You will set deadlines for yourself!
  • Be aware of constructive criticism. There will be some group evaluations, and it is up to YOU to use your ideas to help the artist, not hurt them.
  • Always do your best. I will not tolerate art that is poor quality. It is up to YOU to put all of your effort into these projects. Points will be deducted for sloppy work.
  • Sketchbooks should also be used for project sketches. A good artist ALWAYS plans before they create! Your sketches will be part of your final grade, and it is wise to remember to label your sketch with the date and project title.
  • There is a research power point presentation OR a large final project is due during the last week of this 12 week trimester. You will have the information needed to start this assignment the first week of class, and it is up to YOU to do your research outside of class! A power point demonstration will be held in class if necessary. This is a part of your final grade!
  • Art is fun, and have a good time with it! It is okay to have meaningful conversations while you are working on your projects, but NOT when the teacher is giving instructions, background, and demonstrations! Disrespectful behavior will be handled in JR High/High School standards. In other words, just because you are in art, does NOT give you the right to act out!

Project ideas

My favorite medium to work with in art is _

I have thought about an art career as

I am interested in trying

I would like to learn more about _

My projects will be (you must create at least 6-8 independent projects this trimester. If you have trouble thinking of ideas, Ms. Shaw has TONS of suggestions! You do not have to think of all of them at once, but you must always be working on some project!)_

Good Luck!