Art Games and Fun! Fun website!!

Flash Face : Great Place to go and Create silly and proportionate Portraits! /: You can make a cool Picasso Style Face and sign it!
Make your own tessellations!!!

Art Games : These are great Art Games for fun!

Art Games : More Art Games!

Nick Jr. : Cool Educational Games

Crayola : More fun ideas for art projects and games!

Op Art! : Check these Optical Illusions out!

Stereograms Website: Stereograms are so cool. Check these out! Another name for these are "Magic Eye"... Smithsonian Institute fun game "adventure".... More Art Games!

Create your own Horse
Create your own horse 2! This is a lot of fun! The name speaks for itself! Thank you to Spencer for finding this website! : Tons of cool links to different artist games!!! cool info and games for artists! : This site has tons of links for art games!

Cool Artist's Sites, etc. etc.... : You can make your own Drip Action Painting like Jackson Pollock!

Frank Stella Live Binder : Check this guy out, he and his art is way cool!

Street Art : Julian Beever Street Art. So amazing, check it out! : Edgar Mueller, another Street Artist, and he uses Chalk!

Ed Emberley : This guy rules! I learned how to draw with this guys books! Check this out! : A site dedicated to Keith Haring and kids! : Cool Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Designs for budding architects! : I always loved the illustrations in Shel's books! Check this site out!

Cool Origami Guy! : This guy is amazing, check out what he can create mainly out of money! This guy has the best paper masks I have ever seen!

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